eric allan debargis

Born in 1959, ERIC ALLAN DEBARGIS is the holder of a D.E.A. in Business Law and Economics Law at Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris II. He also graduated in Civil Law at the University of Ottawa in Canada and studied International Law at the International Law Academy of La Haye. After having briefly worked as a researcher at the Canadian Revenue Agency, Me Debargis launched a carrier as a lawyer, specialized in Civil Law, Immigration and Business Law.

In 1986, he founded the Montreal Employment Agency whose main purpose is to satisfy job demand, to inform, counsel and place immigrants in the Montreal job market, thus improving a more efficient a social integration of French immigrants.
Me DEBARGIS also held down several manager positions, among which Executive Operator at Noga Commodities Canada, A Swiss group involved in international food exchange. He also led an implementing project in the United States for “Nouvelles Frontières”, Paris. He also worked in Paris at the end of the 80s, as a Legal Counsellor and Tax Specialist.
Today, in addition to his position of lawyer of the French Consulate of Montreal and Consultant for the Martinique Tourism Committee, Me DEBARGIS works as a lawyer specialized in Business Law and International Law within the Debargis & Daniel Firm at Montréal.

President of the Union Française, Me DEBARGIS is known for matching clarity in his statements, critical acuity in his speeches, and action as his only motto. Through the signing of a strategic partnership with “Galaxie Jeunesse International”, the President of the Union Française decided to exploit his resources and knowledge for a genuine stimulation of the social and economic strata of Ivory Coast. This revival will occur by valorising the traditional links between Ivory Coast and France, in the Canadian arena.  This project, in its foreseeable aspect will involve the different actors of the West African Diaspora, as well as the unexploited potential of contemporary migratory flows. 

DRAMANE ZIAO, Chief Executive Officer


DRAMANE ZIAO comes from Ivory Coast. He was born in the northern region of Bondirai where he did his primary and secondary education.
Following some courses in Specialized and Advanced Mathematics, he enrolled in an engineer program at the Polytechnic School of Yamoussoukro City (Ivory Coast). He graduated in August 2000 as a Qualified Engineer in Electromechanics, Industrial and Energy Automatics. During his education he did a long term internship at the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) regarding the RAF 93 project for greenhouse gas emission reduction and Energy Balance in Western Africa.

During his Engineering Studies In February 2000, he has been hired by the CHAABI GROUP (Holding Inna) and transferred to the Kingdom of Morroco. He would soon be mandated by this Group composed of 57 companies, to launch a new factory in Ivory Coast. This would then lead to the establishment of Houdaplast S.A. where he has been entitled to the position of Technical Manager, followed by Technical and Quality Assurance Manager.
In 2003, he obtained a DESS in Management and Business Administration at the University of Abidjan Cocody, before heading to Senegal where he would continue his education through a DEA in Management, a Master in Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA), and a Master in Banking and Finance (MBA) at the MBF Project of the Dakar CESAG.

As an assistant, he taught Strategic Management, Global Quality Management, and Business Setting-up courses in several universities and “Grandes Ecoles” of Dakar City. He contributed to numerous standardization and business restructuring missions, and is part of the consultants retained by the MEWAU (Monetary and Economic West African Union) for the RPBS (Regional Program for Business Standardization), launched by the UNIDP (United Nations Industrial Development Program) to stimulate the industrial stratum of the free zone.

DRAMANE ZIAO founded ACTS SARL Consulting in April 2005 (Centralized Actions for Techniques and Services), which he managed until end 2007.
Before moving to Canada, he worked briefly at the “Banque de France” during end 2006 to early 2007, in Central Services for the elaboration of a Procedure Guide at the IBFI.
Man of challenge, ZIAO gives up on a career in Financial Planning in September 2008 at Investors Group Canada, to manage the fresh BIA Enterprise (International Business Bureau).
Whilst Administrating the “Galaxie Jeunesse Canada” NGO, the “Galaxie Jeunesse Internationale” NGO and the SDC, he is currently enrolled in a post-graduate Business Administration Program at the University of Sherbrooke in Canada.


caroline daniel

Me Daniel is a Canadian and recipient of the “Lawyer of the Year” 2008 Prize, awarded by the AJBM. She has been Partner at the DeBargis & Daniel Law Firm since 1998.

In addition to her practical know-how in International Law and Civil Litigation, Me Daniel has acquired 12 years of corporative experience (1985-1997), and then worked as a consultant in Legal Affairs at the Royal Bank of Canada. She is in charge of the Law Firm since its creation.
She is strongly involved in non-profit organizations, where she holds the position of Administrator, President or Vice-President within several Boards of Directors. Her involvement in voluntary and pro bono activities led her to receive the prize of “Voluntary worker of the year” in 2002 and 2003. She continues her contribution in her professional society, through her membership at the Bar of Montreal and the Quebec Court. She still works for foundations and non-profit associations such as the “Union Française”, “l’association Grand”, “Galaxie Jeunesse” and AJBM (Montreal Bar’s Juniors Association).
With her progressive approach of Law, she strives in her practice to assert her client’s rights.

She delivers conferences on the Familis Network, available on its website and on “Éducaloi”. In plus of having been a guest speaker for the GRAND association on several bills and the children’s protection Law at the Supreme Court and the Youth Chamber, Me Daniel has also spoken at the Sainte-Marcelline School and organized workshops on Ethics and professional courtesy at the Bar School

She expands her clientele in private practice and educates interns. Having extensively sited at the Board of the AJBM, her involvement now entirely remains within the General States Committee of the CRNI (National and International Relations Committee).

Vision and perspectives

Due to her practical assets, Me Daniel seeks for the evolution of Law, the enhancement of reflection on certain issues, she wants to bend ideas towards alternative schools of thoughts and raise debates in order to make emerge new interpretations in Quebec like in France, of simple and plenary adoptions, recognition of enlarged families and the legally presumed role of grand-parents in child adoption and protection.

She contributed as well to the following publications:

  • M. de Smet, Journal Les Affaires, 19 avril 2008, Dossier La relève, Entreprenariat, p. 76
  • Rapport Annuel 2005-2006, Barreau de Montréal, et Journal Du Barreau, septembre 2005, Rentrée des tribunaux, Vol. 37, no. 14
  • Extrajudicial, Chronicler (2000-2007) et Co-Editor then Editor in Chief (2001-2006)
  • P. Deslauriers, «La responsabilité des professionnels» in « Responsabilité », Collection de droit, Volume 4, Éditions Yvon Blais, 1995, pp. 117-154. (Recherche et révision)

Me DANIEL is a McGill University (Canada) graduate in Political Science and a graduate from University de Montreal in Law. In 1996, she obtained a Certificate in International Private and Public Law at the INTERNATIONAL LAW ACADEMY OF LA HAYE. She also successfully studied at the UNIVERSITE DE SAINT-THOMAS in Italy, at the UNIVERSITE CANADIENNE and the UNIVERSITE DE NICE SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS in France.

Finally, she is currently enrolled in an Executive MBA jointly elaborated by the McGill University and HEC Canada.

MARC DEBARGIS, économiste en chef

marc debargis

Marc DEBARGIS est né à Versailles, en France. Il grandit en région parisienne avant d’immigrer au Canada avec sa famille en 1977. Il est aujourd’hui marié et père de cinq enfants.

Diplômé du Collège Stanislas de Montréal, il s’inscrit à l’école des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC) où il étudie le management pendant un an. Conscient de l’importance que revêt la maîtrise des langues, en particulier l’anglais, il décide de quitter les HEC et de poursuivre ses études à Queen’s University en Ontario, d’où il obtiendra un B.A. cum Honoribus en économie, spécialisé en économie monétaire internationale et politiques bancaires.

Il étudie avec succès à l’université de Toronto, au collège Dawson de Westmount (Québec), et à l’université McGill de Montréal où il entreprend en 2001 un diplôme de 2e cycle en commerce électronique, une spécialisation du programme de MBA (maîtrise en administration des affaires).

En tant que bénévole, il s’illustre d’abord à Toronto auprès du Centre francophone de Toronto comme conseiller aux programmes ontariens de recyclage professionnel, puis comme superviseur de projets sans but lucratif au bénéfice de la communauté franco-ontarienne (Paniers de Noël et Centraide Toronto). Et, depuis 2007, il apporte un soutien logistique préventif auprès des Orphelins de Duplessis du Québec en tant que délégué responsable du financement de l’organisme COVA (Comité des orphelins victimes d’abus).

Sur le plan professionnel, il se distingue d’abord en suivant la formation de banquier au sein la Banque Royale du Canada (BRC) et comme traducteur professionnel auprès de diverses institutions financières. La société Moores The Suit People Inc. de Toronto – second fabricant et détaillant de vêtements pour hommes au Canada – le recrute comme directeur des services de marketing et de publicité. En 1989, Moores retient les services de M. DEBARGIS pour mettre au point une stratégie de conquête de marché. Le modèle choisi est un franc succès commercial! Moores devient le Nº1 au Canada et s’impose sur l’échiquier nord américain. M. debargis se voit offrir le poste de président directeur général, mais il refuse par principe et démissionne par défi à l’establishment financier du secteur de la mode masculine.

Il se lance alors en affaires à Toronto en créant le cabinet de traduction Draden & Winkler Inc. Il renouvelle ainsi avec sa passion de l’international et œuvre avec des intervenants issus de milieux culturels, ethniques et linguistiques différents.

Homme d’affaires efficace, en quête d’un modèle d’affaires plus juste, il dissout sa première société et fonde en 1991, à Montréal, les Traductions Hexagone. M. DEBARGIS est amené à travailler étroitement avec un réseau de fournisseurs et de clients à l’échelle mondiale. En 2004, il fonde avec son épouse Suzanne LEON les Communications Wexford inc. qui proposent à sa clientèle internationale toute une panoplie de services de communication multilingues adaptés aux nouveaux besoins actuels du commerce électronique. Wexford est aujourd’hui une société dynamique axée sur l’international.

Économiste néo-keynésien, monétariste modéré et homme d’affaires depuis 20 ans, M. DEBARGIS croit à une troisième voie inexploitée pour mieux cerner les enjeux économiques de l’heure. Il entend déployer avec ardeur ses acquis et convie économistes et gens d’affaires à explorer et promouvoir de nouvelles solutions économiques, sociales et monétaires, lesquelles façonneront les économies de demain selon des principes vertueux d’un développement économique international de qualité, responsable, solidaire et durable, inscrits dans le cadre de la mission de B.I.A.